I'm Ryan Ours.

I’m a front-end web developer specializing in PHP, HTML, CSS and jQuery. I also love open source goodness like Drupal and Wordpress. I currently live in Indianapolis, Indiana.

My Recent Portfolio

Musical DNA iPhone App Microsite

Musical DNA™ recently finished development of their first iPhone App and needed a snazzy, user-friendly microsite to showcase all of their hard work. The design for this site was done by the very talented Pedro Cardoso. This site makes use of a custom PHP backend, some jQuery lovin and some custom Flowplayer Commercial Edition code to make the site as user-friendly and media rich as possible. This microsite also makes intentional use of ties to various social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and MySpace to help further market the App.

Musical DNA's iPhone App is available for purchase for your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch in the Apple iTunes Store.

Angela Beaulieu Photography

Angela Beaulieu came to me and wanted a fresh, clean, professional presence on the web. I designed and developed this site to meet this goal. The site makes use of a Wordpress powered blog with a custom theme and a SlideshowPro Director installation so that Angela can manage her photography albums with ease.

BGW Services

BGW Services wanted a way to manage their content on the web. Sonja Jorgenson acted as the internal designer on this project and came up with the new design for the site. I installed her design into the popular open-source PHP application framework MODx. The site also makes use of a SlideshowPro Director installation to make managing photo slideshows and videos easier. The site's blog is powered by Wordpress to easily accommodate multiple blog authors.

Rebirth: A Screenplay

This screenwriter wanted a site to showcase her premier screenplay, as well as to keep her readers and potential producers informed on its progress and continuing accolades. She also wanted the site to retain the general look and feel of her primary writing site (which I also developed), but wanted to achieve a more theatrical feel. The site I created is nearly identical in look and feel to her primary site, but makes use of larger individual headers and character imagery on every page. Because the backbone of the site is built on a content management system, she is able to perform updates on her own, therefore greatly reducing the site's total cost of ownership and overall burden on the client.

Rockie Reps

Steve at RockieReps wanted something fresh and clean, but not overly-simplistic, as was his complaint with his current site. The site I created makes use of larger screen space and fonts - and a deeper color palette. Aesthetically, the menu navigation is also much improved and the product slideshows have gained added visual appeal as well as functionality. The footer now repeats useful navigation and other information, and the company logo has also been re-designed to achieve a more modern look.